Open banking: A wave of change

Open banking: A wave of change

A safer way for people to connect their financial accounts into one app. Make it all in one!

What is open banking?

Open banking allows customers to share their financial data with authorised 3rd party providers using APIs.

With your consent, Paywatch can then use it to offer more personalised services and provide you greater financial transparency options. We can now offer better solutions, tailored to the specific needs of every customer.

What is in it for you?

View your bank information in one place without switching between multiple apps

Analyse all money coming in and going out of your accounts

Allow us to tailor better product offerings for you

Have full control of your financial transactions

You have control over how your data is used & to who it is given.

Personal information such as phone number, email & address

Account balances

Transaction details: Amounts received & spent