Towards a better financial future

Empower employees to get paid as soon as they’ve worked. See greater employee retention and productivity.

When you’re paid matters

Employees regularly face cashflow issues between paychecks. The need to raise cash before payday leads to emotional and financial distress.

Borrowing from others is a common problem

88% of Malaysians* borrow from informal lenders when they need extra cash.

Difficulty preserving savings and retirement funds

90% of Malaysians* have needed access to emergency funds

No alternatives to high interest loans

An estimated 61% of Malaysians** cannot get a loan from their bank, forcing them to use expensive alternatives

*Survey by Pertama Digital Berhad among B40 & MSME operators in 2021
**Forbes article highlights estimations by consulting firm Oliver Wyman

Employee wellbeing is
good for business

Challenges in workforce management is costly in terms of time and resources spent as the economy rapidly changes. By giving financial freedom to employees, employers can attract, retain and sustain a productive and motivated workforce.

Reduce turnover rate

Increase workforce productivity

Reduce employee absenteeism

Let employees choose
when they get paid

If they’ve even worked one day, we let employees instantly access their earnings anytime. No need to wait for payday.


Work as usual

Your worked hours will be accumulated on the app.


Work as usual

Your worked hours will be accumulated on the app.


Check your earnings

These have been converted from the hours you’ve worked.


Withdraw earnings anytime

You can withdraw up to 50% of what you’ve earned. This will be sent directly to your savings account.


Receive your remaining salary

On payday, we’ll send you an invoice of your salary and amount withdrawn for your confirmation.

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"I can pay my bills without taking on debt"

Due to my credit score, banks wouldn’t approve my personal loan applications. Now with Paywatch, I can pay my bills without taking on debt.

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Your questions answered

Who is eligible to use Paywatch?

Companies registered in Malaysia and have a valid Business Registration Number and their employees who have signed up with Paywatch. Paywatch is available for both Malaysians and foreigners who are currently employed with a registered employer in Malaysia.

How do I sign up for Paywatch?

Download the Paywatch app from your app store, register an account with your information. Your account will need to be connected with your employer in order to start accumulating your earnings. If your employer is not currently signed up with Paywatch, share your details with us here and we will reach out to your employer.

Share your details with us here for us to reach out to you, or email us at

Is Paywatch offering loans?

We are not lenders and the earned wage access is enabled through micro-financing provided by our bank partner directly to the user.