Access your earnings,
anytime anywhere

Regain control of your finances

Pay bills on time
Resolve emergencies quickly
Build up savings

Paywatch unlocks
the salary system

Paywatch sets up a relationship between you and a major bank
that provides low-cost financing directly to you.

NO access to earnings before payday
CAN access earnings anytime before payday

How it works

Gives you instant access to your earnings

Connects you with major banks

Helps you avoid predatory loans

Improves financial stability

Here’s how Paywatch can help you


Work as usual

Your worked hours will be accumulated on the app.

Gain your financial freedom today.


See what Paywatch users
have to say

"I can pay my bills without taking on debt"

Due to my credit score, banks wouldn’t approve my personal loan applications. Now with Paywatch, I can pay my bills without taking on debt.

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Your questions answered

Is Paywatch available for withdrawal 24/7 365 days a year?

Users can be withdraw at any time the earnings they have already worked for and accumulated (this will be stated on the Paywatch app). The withdrawal request will be processed within 2 working days.

How much does Paywatch cost?

There is an one-time setup cost to the business. Even if an employee discontinues his/her employment, there is zero risk to employer, as Paywatch aims to save employers attribution costs and protects employers against financial losses associated with our service.

How do users receive their withdrawals and salary?

Users will receive these in the bank account that they have entered on the Paywatch app. Users should ensure the account belongs to them to receive their withdrawals and salary.

How long does it take for users to receive their withdrawals?

The withdrawal request will be processed within 2 working days.

Can employees use Paywatch if their company is not signed up with Paywatch?

No, employee accounts need to be connected with their employer in order to use Paywatch. If your employer is not currently signed up with Paywatch, share your details with us here and we will reach out to your employer.