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By having instant access to earnings, employees can regain control of their finances and are more motivated and productive at work. This produces great results for companies.


80% employees spend time at work thinking about or dealing with personal finances weekly.


Products that offer earnings access can save large companies millions in employee turnover costs.


Up to 28% decreased turnover rates among active users of earnings access products.


80% job candidates are willing to switch jobs to work for an employer that offers earnings access.

Here’s how Paywatch
can help you

Reduce turnover
Increase productivity
Reduce absenteeism

How it works



We collect basic information from employers

No change

to HR system

Just pay your employees once a month as usual

Low cost

for employees

Nominal RM1 for each employee withdrawal

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have to say

"Absences from work have decreased"

My team’s behaviours and attitudes have improved. Their punctuality at work has significantly increased and their absences from work have also decreased.

Restaurant owner

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How much does it cost businesses to offer Paywatch?

Challenges in workforce management is costly in terms of time and resources spent as the economy rapidly changes. By giving financial freedom to employees, employers can attract, retain and sustain a productive and motivated workforce.

Do employees need to check in and check out again if their employer already has their own work attendance system?

No, if they are already using their company’s work attendance system, Paywatch will use that information to accumulate their earnings daily. However, employers may choose Paywatch’s check in and check out feature to manage work attendance.

How do I learn more about or sign up for Paywatch?

Share your details with us here for us to reach out to you, or email us at